Once upon a time ...

…….there was a guesthouse in the Mur suburb.



Several buildings, which once had been attached to the Civil Hospital, were assembled - further details can't be detected any more. 1771 the second part of the inn, Griesplatz no 7, was built together from two houses.
Griesplatz no 6 was the birthplace of the great pioneer FXR, 1970-1857, who was born here 1790. He revolutionized railway and metallurgical engineering and built the Emperor Franz North Line as Austria's first steam railway.




At that time the biggest and most beautiful ballroom of Graz, the so-called Schwadt'sche Dance Hall, was opened by his then owner Schwadt. The typical 19th century carrier-inn was well surrounded by a beer-garden and a bowling alley. From here the carriage left to Deutschlandsberg.

Among others the inn was a popular hostel for travellers, journeymen, cutlers and blacksmiths. More facts to be looked up in the book "Grazer Gastlichkeit" published by Leykam Verlag.

From 1958/59, under the couple Ludmilla and Hermann Lang, modern times came to the decayed walls. By staging large-scale modifications, modernisation and construction work began - following the changes of times, progress and genius of the period.





In 1963 a dancing room was opened again. The "Laerchen Dance Hall" followed the old tradition and was one of the most important places for events and meetings on the right side of the river Mur.
At that time the good plain cooking inn had 170 beds available, offered a restaurant with beer-garden and was popular with guests and bus groups from all over the world.

Since 1976 the house owner's daughter continued the building tradition. Rooted in hospitality with body and soul, Margit R. Joebstl has run the fortunes of the house since that time. Following the signs of the time, in 1988 the gastronomic part was closed and activities focused on accommodation.

Whilst parked horses and carriages shadowed
http://www.5laerchen.at/_altehp/Images/5Laerchen_lo.gifin the past, nowadays the house presents the appearance of a modern bed and breakfast hotel with hiring out of apartments, comfortable rooms and flats. This offer is highly esteemed by both Austrian and international clients. A modern pioneer work was the installation of a fire signal unit 1985. This made the http://www.5laerchen.at/_altehp/Images/Zuden5Laerchen_lo.gif" hotel the first accommodation business in Graz and even in Styria to be equipped with such total fire protection.



The electronic key card has been a novelty in Graz for years, too. A public short- and long-term car park completes the wide range of
http://www.5laerchen.at/_altehp/Images/Zuden5Laerchen_lo.gifhotel & lodgings.

P.S.: As a pioneer work of different kind Mrs. Joebstl took the private pilot licence 1973 and became Austria's first female helicopter pilot 1990.