Welcome to your virtual journey of Graz and the
hotel and lodgings

Wishes regarding housing of most different kind whether you find hotelgast or tenant surely the suitable comfort room and apartment or the suitable dwelling from our rich offer for your stay. And at competitionless favourable prices!

Located in the City centre http://www.5laerchen.at/_altehp/Images/5Laerchen_lo.gif
While others get stuck in the morning traffic jam, the sports-minded of you will have already enjoyed jogging at the Augarten nearby. Those who think that's too exhausting can just turn over and take another nap

Facilities aroundhttp://www.5laerchen.at/_altehp/Images/5Laerchen_lo.gif
From A such as motorbuses, pharmacy, physician, bank, cafe, hairdresser, supermarket, parking lots, post office, restaurant, laundromat etc. to Z such as newspapers, you find everything for the daily need in direct environment. Indoor swimming pool - Sauna - Fitness - Beauty - only 5 going minutes in "Bad Zur Sonne"

How to get there
As easy as in the Internet you will find us in reality too. No matter which option you choose you will always be directed to the western part of the Old City of Graz and to

From train station http://www.5laerchen.at/_altehp/Images/Bahn_lo.GIF1.5 Km
From main station Graz take tram # 3 three stops, change to bus #40 and exit at the second stop;Griesplatz. Or take a taxi, if you prepare.

From Airport http://www.5laerchen.at/_altehp/Images/Flugzeug_lo.GIF10 Km
From airport Graz-Thalerhof take shuttle-bus to Griesplatz or taxi.

Travelling by car, approx. http://www.5laerchen.at/_altehp/Images/Autobahn_lo.GIFca. 3 Km
Departure A2 Graz east direction center, C.v. Hoetzendorfstrasse, Schoenauguertel, Karlauerstrasse, Griesplatz.
Departure A9 Graz west direction center, Kaerntnerstrasse, military hospital lane, Griesplatz. Departure A9 Graz north direction center, Viennese road, station belt, Eggenbergerguertel, Josef Huber lane, Roesselmuehlgasse, Griesplatz.



Parking lot problems are no topic for us Gries
http://www.5laerchen.at/_altehp/Images/Parken_lo.GIFARKplatz, cheapest parking in Graz!


Considered and blockable accommodation for your bicycles is present.
Communicate in the case of reservation please. Sorry not usabel yet.